Monday, March 23, 2009

Auntees Garden

This is a picture of the small plot with onions, cabbage, spinach (picked)planted about a month ago and the tomatoes about two weeks ago.
Last night for supper, we picked some of our spinach leaves because the plants have begun to flower, there was enough to do a small pan. GOOOOOD gracious was it tender and bursting with flavors. Some of the tomato's have begun to put out blossoms, only after two weeks. Garden going great guns, will post pictures next time.

People are like gardens, you have to nourish them, and weed them and prop up the ones who need support to bloom and blossom.


8thdayplanner said...

Found you through the MadPriest.

I am jealous. In upstate New York our ground is still frozen. But the daffodils are starting to poke through.

Two Auntees said...

This is Spring in the South. The azaleas and dogwood are in full bloom. You take a risk by planting this early because there is a chance of frost or even a freeze before Easter but our garden is small and we can protect it. Wish we could share with you.

Andrea said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Love you's rich and warm. You comment about people and gardens is so true! :) Nice to "meet" you. :)