Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Transfiguration Born Again

I read a blog by this Straight Christian woman, that is very thought provoking and she scraped away at the crust of her religion to get to the meat of the question. Her latest scraping are to question what it is to be ‘born again’, about what others expect those changes that happen when a person declares themselves to be ‘born again’. Does it really change how that person treats others, or how he lives according to his religion?

I have often if we are living a ‘Christ-like-Life’ in how we treat others, care for other, support others in their times of needs; why do we have to be ‘born again’? How do we become ‘born again’ when we have always asked Jesus to walk with us, to be in us, to be a member of his body? I would argue that my being ‘born again’ was a result of my reawakening to myself, to be truthful about my ‘being’ when I was ‘Born Again’ out of my despair and anger, and self loathing for my male life. I was ‘born again’ with being transfigured as this Trans Woman person, known as Sarah Jane.

Living my life in the Spirit of Trans Womanhood has energized my spiritual life. As an Episcopalian, I come to the Table of the Lord in a new awakened life waiting to be ‘Reacquainted” with my Lord by partaking in the reenactment of the Last Supper by breaking bread and drinking the wine from those who bless and consecrate our offering. I am ‘born again’ every Sunday when I come to the table of my Lord as this re-born person of Faith and Love that I can now offer joyously without the anger, and self loathing, and hatred that consumed my old life and can now walk in the light that fills my heart and being as Sarah

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Lori D said...

Interesting... I've been comparing my acceptance as my true self in a similar fashion to having been "born again" when I was a teenager. It's as if I was always alive since then but I just couldn't see or hear. Wow!