Saturday, March 21, 2009

Michelle O. Ain't Got Nuthin on the Auntees

I saw in the news yesterday where Michelle Obama (she is one classy lady) broke ground on an organic garden on the lawns of the White House. I think that is a wonderful idea. Actually, the idea was so good that we had already started our garden.

We made two small garden plots in our back yard. About a month ago, we had gotten spinach, onions and cabbage and planted them. They were coming along slowly. Two weeks ago, Sarah and I went to a Tomato Workshop taught by an organic farmer who has been farming for about 17 years. He was great!! One of his suggestions was to use worm castings (for those of you who may not know that is worm poop) as a fertilizer. We bought some tomato plants and extra worm poop, came home and carefully planted everything using Mr. Farmer's advice. We put worm poop around the plants that had been planted previously. It has been amazing!! The spinach, onions and cabbage that had been growing so slowly seem as though they are in a race. We will eat our first spinach tomorrow. The tomato and pepper plants are coming along nicely too.

Our church has been talking about planting a garden for about a year. You know churches...........they move kinda slow. One of the parishoners who has a tractor plowed up the garden and made bedding rows. Different people brought different plants and the garden was planted this morning. We planted two rows of potatoes, a couple of rows of tomatoes, some peppers, peas, herbs and onions. Sarah and I were both surprised at how quickly the garden was planted!!

Sarah and I had bought a large bag of worm poop for the church garden and we used that this morning while planting. If it works like it did at our home, the garden will look like jack-n'-the-beanstalk. in no time.

The plan for the church garden is for anyone who wants vegetables to help themselves. What we have left over will go to the local soup kitchen.

Sarah and I started putting up vegetables about 2 years ago. I had gotten a lot of experience with this as child. The food is sooooooooo good. Two years ago we picked blackberries at a blackberry farm in a nearby county. We made wine and it was pretty good. We missed the blackberries last year because Sarah kept saying the blackberries were not in yet until they were all gone. That will not happen this year.

I hope everyone gets some good vegetables and fruits this year. I know we will.

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MadPriest said...

Where the Auntees lead, others follow.

(I'm the one right at the back of the line - I hate gardening!)