Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vagina Monologues

My experience with this years Vagina Monologues has been very humbling. All the girls have done a terriffic job with their monologues. If you had asked me about how they were getting along, I would have said I wasn't sure. But last night the girls were in top form; it helped that the house was quite enthusiastic and upbeat with approvals. As usual the mix of emotions were quite extreme and some of the girls 'costumes' added an extra taste that you got from some of the more depressing stories.

We have scheduled three performances this year and last night was almost sold out. It really helped that the production was written up in the local paper and the story was featured in the local TV news. I have seen the confidence of the girls soar after doing the monologues, and I hope they have a better understanding of their responsibility to be safe. I was very pleased with their performances last night and I heard some great reviews as people milled around after the show.

Doing this play at this time only highlights the need for more awareness a the kinds of violence that women must endure. It is time to give up the notions that our society is divided into the binary gender form. We must grow in resolving our personal issues with our sexuality in order to accept gender variant people. We must stop the killing of those who dare to walk a different path.

There are some interesting local and national news stories on the Angie Zapata murder trial:

The New York Times - Murder Trial Tests Colorado Hate-Crime Statute

In the shadow of events happening a half country away news comes that a North Carolina drag performer was stabbed to death yesterday in Fayetteville, NC (details on PHB).

Help cancel hate where ever you find it; killing of others only inflicts more killing.

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