Monday, May 17, 2010

Sensual Hair Brushing

Kay and I went to see the new movie “Letters to Juliette” with Vannessa Redgrave, a most wonderful chick flick. I cried during most of the movies ending. Very emotional for me, I haven’t cried like that for some time. This was a great romance with some comedy, but the scene where Sophie is getting her hair brushed by the Grandmother just opened the tears. Sophie’s mother had chosen to abandon her family when she was a little girls and did not have a mother as she grew up. And the loving care that the Grandmother gave Sophie as she brushed her hair was the most tender moment, I think, in the movie. If you should see this movie, and I highly recommend doing so, please take plenty of tissues with you.

That scene struck an empty chord with me, as I had never had my hair brushed by my mother. But of course I didn’t have long hair, I was her first born son and kept my hair short during my years in high school. But now that I have let my hair grow much longer, I started brushing my hair and Kay has actually brushed it from the back. Having my hair brushed is a very sensual physical touch. Actually, I should add that my hair is long enough that the other night as she was brushing my hair, she braided it, so that in wasn't tangled as it usually is in the mornings; that was nice. Having someone take one’s hair and gently stroke it with a soft brush is a new experience for me, an experience that I will add to my many ‘firsts‘ as I am living as myself.

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Melissa said...

It's no surprise that you enjoyed having your hair brushed and braided. I first started seriously experimenting with my gender expression back in the seventies, when it was much more common for males to have long hair. One of the things I loved to do back then, was go to a beauty salon in full girl mode, and have my hair and nails done. Having someone who accepted me, shampoo and set my hair, and then comb it out, was always such a wonderfully sensual and relaxing experience. So was sitting face to face, and engaging in friendly conversation with the woman doing my nails. Getting a facial is also a very sensual experience. If you've never had one, you ought to treat yourself some time.

Melissa XX