Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grandchildren is where they find you.

Do you ever notice how the one good deed you do for someone seem to take off and morph into more of the same? Well Kay and I have watched friends children when there is an emergency, or when Mother has other errands to do. And so we have watched several children off and on for that very reason, since we live in town and have a nice back yard for the children to play and a small fish pond where they can watch the fish.

As you know we are watching Lil' Miss Trinity for a few hours every morning and have watched her brother once in a while. Their mother have told the children to call us Grandmother and we had to pick out our grandmotherish name on the spot; so we have been upgraded from the Aunties to being called Mema and BG by these 3 children. Other children just call us Auntie, which we most dearly love.

Saturday afternoon we went to help Nick celebrate his Birthday and some other friends dropped by with 5 children. It was a marriage that combined two families, 3 boys and the father had a son and older daughter. Nothing happened that 4 boys didn't normally make happen. In fact there it was just loud controlled boy play.

As we left the party, we got a call from another friend whose younger child was running a high fever and had to take both boys to the emergency room; her husband is deployed and she doesn't have family in town. So we met her at the hospital to let her older, active child come stay with us until things were resolved with the younger son. The doctors finally got the fever under control and was treating the virus while we tried to keep her older son occupied; building castles, swinging, playing in the back yard, playing music with rhythm instruments and such. We were going to get some PJ's when his mother called as said she had made other arrangements for Lucus and wouldn't be much longer.

Later that night, Lucus said he wanted to know if his mother had other things to do tomorrow so he could go back to his Grandmothers house and play some more.

I'm not complaining one bit.


Anonymous said...

You are such a great pair of Grandmothers! How wonderful. :-D


LeAnne said...

Awww, how nice!

From Aunties to Grandmothers! And yet, still get to be called Aunties?

Well!! Save some for others huh?

It's really quite amazing how children can affect one's life. Years ago, when I let my female side be more dominate, I have been able to enjoy children much more than I ever have. They can be so cute one minute and the next, a little stinker! Ya have to love em though.