Friday, August 13, 2010

Little One we Love

It’s wonderful how little ones can change our routine very quickly. Trinity’s mother asked us if we could take care of her little one while she teaches; her schedule is varied and so it is different every day as to how long we get to watch her. She is really not much trouble to care for, as I remember caring for my own children growing up.

The end of the first week, and we have indeed changed our schedules, going to bed much earlier as we must get up by 7 pm. But watching Trinity is a joy, she is a very good baby, crying means that she is hungry or is ready for bed. So our chores are done around when she is asleep mostly, like getting our baths, eating, cleaning house. House work means doing those chores that are not noisy. But Trinity will let you put her in her car seat if you have to do other tasks.

All those baby related tasks that I learned as I cared for my children are still at my fingertips. Its like riding a bike you never forget once you have master the skills; making a bottle while holding the baby, changing her diapers; love the poopy ones that look like the old modeling clay, remember that? But all those baby task are paid for with one great big smile and giggle from her happy little face. She loves it when we bounce her and let her play on the bed; we are right at her side with a watchful eye.

Our two dogs are really good with her, gentle and watchful, especially Maggie, who lingers around where ever she is, or lays at our feet if we are holding her. The little white one will let her pull at her ears and her collar and she will stretch out next to her and just lay there. We have been smitten by this little child who will call us BG and Mema, can’t ask for anything better than that!!


Veronica said...

She's so cute! Glad you are enjoying the child care. She's in good hands!

Melissa said...

There has to be a reason why babies are so adorable. Maybe its because their adorability makes them so irresistible to us, that we just have to take care of them.

Melissa XX

Two Auntees said...

Melissa, I think you have a point. I am not a morning person but I find myself looking forward to see her around 7 a.m. She smiles and laughs and giggles at all we do.