Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unsettled feelings

Yesterday, I went with Kay to a family viewing, at it was in the evening and about 2 hrs away we skipped supper and went on our way. Along about the halfway point, we both had to use the bathroom and we grabbed some snacks for the rest of the journey. As we are traveling in an area of Georgia that can be rather conservative in their thinking and knowing that I am always reserve and quiet, hoping that I am spot on with my appearance.

As we were leaving, a man wearing a leather jacket and large beaded necklace, short hair; sort of a biker type art first glance, opened the door for us and told us to "Have a good evening Ladies" and let us go out first. As I was walking to our car another man passed me and our eyes met and I got a very unsettled feeling. He was a white man simply dressed in a shirt and pants, but when he looked at me it seemed like he was really studying me, carefully looking at the both of us.

I have never felt as uncomfortable around any man as I felt when I looked into his eyes, I was truly frightened and glad we were leaving. I may have over reacted but I was glad the biker guy was still close, I believe he would have come to our aid if anything would have happened. It took me awhile to calm down and tell Kay how I felt about what happened. Just glad we were getting out of town while he was in the store.


SCG said...

You labeled this "raw fear" and I get it. I know that fear and that unnerved feeling that I could be in trouble based on "that look" the other person has given me. Glad the biker guy was your angel in waiting.

Melissa said...

I'm sorry you had to encounter such a hostile visage on your trip. Who knows what he was thinking, but thankfully you got away unharmed.

Melissa XX