Monday, January 3, 2011

Kay and Sarah Journey

Dec 29, Wednesday

Wednesday morning and we have changed our trip plans. Due to the strong possibilities of bad weather with have thunderstorms settling over New Orleans for the new year, so we have decided to cancel those plans and just see where the road takes us.

We just had to visit Elvis’ birthplace, very small house indeed. One has to pay to enter the museum, video and to attend the church service. We tried to walk into the church, the same church Elvis attended while growing up and we were stopped by someone inside the door asking, “Do yew gotta tiket” and before we can say anything she closes the door.

Getting turned around, we took a long scenic tour of Tupelo and finally got on our way to Oxford. If you haven’t been thru Oxford you will find a quaint old town. We ate at the Ajex Diner which was crowded which told us the place was good home cooking. Oxford, Miss. is William Faulkner’s home town, and there is a book store called “Square Books” with signed photos all over the walls. We are now headed North for other adventures.

Evening 29th December, we ended up in Memphis Tn. after crossing the Arkansas River so that Kay can say she visited that state and can check that one off her list of visited states.

After checking into the Residence Inn, we took a spin on Beale Street Memphis, had supper at the Flying Saucer and listened to some blues at Club 152 for awhile. After walking up and down Beale Street we stopped in for the live show at BB Kings Blues Club to finish the evening with some memphis BBQ wings and Delta Blues.

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