Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2nd good day at Park

Had a second great day at Universal Studios with our extended family grandkids. Spent the day at the other side of the park with E.T. and Terminator and Twisters, Oh My!! Watching both boys experience the rides and shows is a treat in itself with their dad. We haven't been at one of these attractions with kids in a long time. Heard some good bands during the day, danced with the kids, did the hand jive song with the band that played the oldies at Mel's Diner. Saw Lucy and Ricky and Marilyn walking down the street, saw Scooby, Curious George and Woody and Dora the Explorer. Saw a lot more people than yesterday as it was sunny.

Ever notice when you are in a large crowd like they have at Universal that the Europeans seem to be more pushy when it comes to lines.

Our grandkids were getting tired so we said goodbye as they left us to have more fun; trouble was we were about done ourselves as so we stopped and ate a cinnamon bun as our final treat to ourselves and headed back to the hotel. Trouble again, we almost forgot where we parked the car and spent 20 looking for it on level 3 when it was on level 2. Thank goodness Kay had the clicker and we could set the horn and lights off and eventually figured out we were in the right section, but one level above the car. And now after today's adventure we are just chillin and tending to our sore bodies.

And it's home tomorrow for a busy weekend; no rest for the weary. But we wouldn't have it any other way after spending time with the grandkids. Thanks daughter and family.

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