Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day with the GrandKids

Just spent a wonderful day with the grandchildren at Universal Studios and Harry Potter's World. Just as we parked the car and started for the park, the bottom fell out and there was heavy rain for most of the morning. We finally met up with them at the wand shop and began the day doing everything. Little Trinity was a trooper for the whole day, slept with short naps and was happy and a real good baby. Getting to experience all the rides, shows, the people and watching the boys having fun is the best part of us getting to be the grandparents with them on this trip.

The rides at the park are so much better than in years, (that's many years) past. Galen and I took the boys on Harry's broom ride and on Spiderman's ride. Both were terrific, fast and lots of fun; so much so that I believe I laughed through most of both rides. Oh and the butterbeer, is good too.

Walking around the park for the whole day is not the problem, it's the sitting and then walking some more. We left them eating supper in Dr. Seuss land.

So we are having supper with Laura and her wife in a few minutes and then tomorrow we get to spend the day at the other park.


Sarah Sterling said...

Glad you are having fun, right in my neck of the woods. Funny that you live right next to it and never go lol


Laura Bennett said...

Sarah & Kay,

We had SO much fun with you guys last night! Thanks for being such great friends :)