Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Class Presentation

It's been two years since we gathered to speak with the Graduate Therapy class. Every year the questions seem to be more introspective about our relationship and the 'how comes' of my trans experience. But this year the class was taped for our documentary, so he now has an additional 2 hours of taped material. Can't wait to see a copy of todays discussion.

Because last years class was postponed to today, we were in a larger classroom with 17 students, and although our presentation is getting better; our story keeps changing. The class was comprised of 14 females and 3 males and that's as far as I will break it down.

We think it's always important to tell our story in person so people will realize that we do normal things, we take care of our house, do our shopping, pay our bills and go out to eat. It's speaking with these groups and classes that will make a big difference in how others will perceive us.

And we always have fun doing them, and it keeps the conversation light and moving forward.

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