Monday, March 14, 2011

Azaleas & PFLAG

Am so glad this weekend over, we never know just how we will be received being in such a large venue as the Valdosta Azalea Festival. It has been said that the attendance for the two day affair runs somewhere around 20,000 visitors, and so not knowing how people will react to our presence, it is always very stressful for me. Although I didn't really expect a public confrontation, I tend to expect them; but am always grateful when confrontation doesn't happen. We did sell a few buttons and gave away copies of our flyers, but the greatest moments were when people came up to us and thanked us for being in the community. People having moved into the area recently and had been looking for lgbt groups to become involved with.

Those who chose not to engage with us walked on by and others walked closer to actually see what we were about. The people who were involved making this happen like Joe, Sam, Kay all agree that being here at this local event was the best publicity for our bucks spent.

As it is the Azalea Festival, most of the bushes will be in full bloom by mid week.

Thanks to everyone who came by and sign up.

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