Friday, March 4, 2011


I have written that Kay and I started WeightWatchers about a year ago, and we have had good success with the program. The program makes you really think about what drives you to eat, especially night time snacking. Well, I have cut out most of the salty snacks and hardly eat sweets anymore. My weight when I started was 233 lbs, I know we shouldn't tell our weight or age however. So, we have been on the program for about a year; this morning when I stepped on the scale I weighted 198.4 lbs. In the last 3 week I would say I lost 10 pounds.

Last December I finally finished my 5 yrs on Tamoxifen, so its been about 3 months now and I have seen a quick drop in weight. My doctor told me that it would be difficult to lose weight when you are taking that drug; but I am very happy with the results of changing my diet, eating habits and being off all hormones. Some one you might not realize that I developed breast cancer after using the weekly estrodal patch at .25 mg every week. With breast cancer I had to stop taking all form of hormones and block what my body was making.

Losing 35 lbs over a years time is quite safe and I should be able to keep it off. I usually don't push products but WeightWatchers it really works!! So, if you need to lose a few pounds go find a group today.


Melissa said...

Congratulations on your weight loss, and on coming off Tamoxifen!

Melissa XX

Halle said...

Great news! I hope you find as my sweetie did that the weightwatchers philosophy was one she could use to maintain her healthy weight too. No yoyo, if you know what I mean.