Saturday, March 12, 2011

First day of Festival in the books

Well, I am resting on my couch from a full day. Spent most of the day attending the PFLAG table at the Azalea Festival, we had a lot of people talk and get information, some telling us how glad they are to know that PFLAG has a chapter in town. The grounds were packed with people for most of the day and we mostly smiled and waved at people. I had packed our small flip camera to take some pictures of the tent and the people sitting, but Kay had taken it out of the box of materials and forgot to tell me, so I have no pictures for today. But will take some video tomorrow.

Its alway interesting to see who is a supporter and friendly and then watch a mother take her child's hand and direct their attention away from us as they walk by. We always see some interesting looking people at these types of festivals. So while we aren't disappointed we didn't make the news I am sure we got people talking about us, if not to us.

One good thing that happened is that we found someone who was selling a fruit we have been looking for. Kind of a large, very sweet grapefruit.

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