Friday, March 18, 2011

Wanting to be Irish and Gay?

"Amidst the music, the corned beef and the beer dyed green, there is the story of the saint who gives us this holiday where we all declare ourselves Irish."

Lifted from a friends post, sorry Susan; so of course yesterday was the Feast of Saint, Paddy's Day, god bless, em. St. Paddy's Day, where everyone wants to be Irish so they can party and throw Shamrocks and drink green beer. Like the Mexican Celebration for the 5th of May, or St. Valentines Day, no beer is served but sweet little cards are given to the one you love. So maybe all these party-goers are on to something; if you throw a big party and serve drinks and beer people will want to be a part of your celebration.

Hey, that should work for the gay community, lets serve Red beer, for all the blood we have spilled as we lay dying, or lets color it blue, for all the bruising from being beating we have received. And if we serve this beer amid rousing songs and poetry proclaiming our Gayness where everyone is dress gaily anyway they want what a party we shall have. And for our symbol, lets use a torn heart that's weeping tears of sorrow, wrapped in anger colored red and curses that are blue, draped from the sword that is piercing our broken hearts.

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Melissa said...

A belated Éirinn go Brách! Be it green, red, or black and blue!

Melissa XX