Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is something I have needed to talk about since my last exam. I see a lot of suggestions on facebook to share and support the programs that provide mammograms for women which are good. It is advisable for women of a certain age to get hers done as a baseline mammogram.

As someone who has gone through breast cancer, reconstruction and bi-lateral implants, the procedure for mammograms if very different these days. Because I have had reconstruction and implants they will not do a mammogram on the side that had the breast cancer, so I have only my left side done. The first set of pictures is from four views which include the implants, so the pressure is not as tight as it had been before my breast cancer. My wife and I both agree, it would be a tragedy if by some slim chance our feet should slip out from under us while our breast are squeezed beyond pleasure. Not a pretty picture!

For the second set of pictures the technician must push the implant up and away from the remaining breast tissue to get the pictures. Much like one squeezes the bottom of her toothpaste tube to push the paste up to the top of the tube so it will flow on to the toothbrush more evenly. Get the picture! She did and I am happy to report that everything is clear, so until next year squeezing, don't let your feet slip while you are getting yours done.

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