Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Care at VA Medical Center

The staff at the Va Medical Center in Gainesville is very professional indeed. Yesterday, I returned to be fitted with my new hearing aids, and so as I was called back to the room, the staff person, called for a Mr. Smith, and I replied, do you mean Sarah? No problem, we sat down and we chatted as he adjusted the new aids. These are one's you can adjust for echos and other sounds, as each has a volume control I can increase or decrease the volume. He mentioned that my significant would appreciate me wearing my new devices, I said yes and then he asked if he could call me Sarah.

Actually I have never had anyone express disapproval for being trans by anyone at the Medical Center. Just once, the clerk who checking me out for payment looked at my old Military ID twice and made a stupid comment, like really?

These new hearing aides are so much better that the first ones I got 4 years ago, I can actually hear the floor boards creak under my feet and the small bell I hung of the door knob for our small dog.

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Melissa said...

Happy hearing!

Melissa XX