Monday, May 2, 2011

Watching Children - Priceless

Friday night, the vestry member of our church was having a meeting, and so I said I would watch the two children of a vestry member; her husband has been the primary nursery attendant during our Sunday service.

He was to bring the two children to me for the evening and I had made plans for us. Pizza and Ice Cream, tickets to see "Rio" and popcorn and drinks, of course. Since the little girls was playing at some of the arcade games when I ordered the snacks, she didn't get to order candy, (shame on me). But it was all worth the cost and trouble, watching their little faces smiling and filled with laughter at the movie's main character, the bird named "blu". Since we ate our pizzas before we left, I bought a large popcorn and shared with them. The movie ended and we returned home to have Ice Cream, which the girl didn't like, so she finished eating her orange slices from the can she had brought.

The vestry meeting was to finish by 9 pm and we had enough time to eat our ice cream and ride back to the church to exchange the children for Kay. I got to the church with time for them to play and work off the sugar high they must have had by this time.

Yes, when we watch children it is usually cost us money, but we wouldn't have it any other way. As the old saying goes, "This will hurt me more that you.", well we wouldn't trade our time with 'our' children for anything. They give us so much joy.

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