Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday 13th Detours

Kay and I have realized that the events for week we think and see head is somewhat flexible, cause you never know what stuff will be thrown in one's way. So the week had gone pretty much like we had expected until Friday morning. I was to go have some lab work done for my doctor's appointment next week, which I had missed earlier in the week. So luckily the lab wasn't crowded that Friday morning and I was in and out in 15 min, but not before she talked about how today was Friday the 13th, and I hadn't realized it was. As I arrived home, Kay was feeding Trinity as we had agreed to meet some friends to watch her daughter's end-of-school performance, and so I watched Trinity so Kay could get ready.

So, within the next few minutes I took a phone call, a friend had been admitted Wednesday night because she was coughing up blood, and her mother had been admitted the next morning for other reasons and she wanted us to look in on her cats and dog. We said that we had something to do that morning but we would come visit them today.

As we had agreed to fix a meal for a member of our church family to whom a new son had been born, Kay was fixing one of her famous Chicken-Pot Pies and I had to make the crusts, so we put two pot-pies together and I had some dough left over so I made a small pie crust for some Key-Lime pie with frozen blueberries sprinkled on top while Trinity and Kay took a quick nap.

After Trinity's mother picked her up, we decided to visit our friends in the hospital, then come back and gather up the diner to deliver. Some one's directions were not very clear and since the parent's house was in a really new section their address wasn't listed in our gps device. But we finally realized our mistake and found their house soon enough to get it delivered while it was still warm, and since their house was near our church we were able to pick up our 'Boston Butt' that we had ordered from the men of the church who was selling them to raise money for our new building program to expand the parish hall.

After all that we had an hour before we were to meet some friends for supper, which was fun. We met at a Japanese restaurant where they cook on the grill at your table; kind of showy antics. Cute cooking with good food with great friends. Afterwards we all came back to our house and were able to talk and continue the good fun.

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