Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Local Celebrity

If you have been reading our blog over the past month you know that Sarah was one of the women who performed in the Vagina Monologues. I knew that she had given a really good performance but being her wife does tend to make me a little prejudiced. When everyone was congratulating Sarah after the performance, I thought that was really nice but......... the compliments have not stopped.

It has been almost four weeks since the play and we seldom go out anywhere that someone doesn't come up and congratulate Sarah on her performance. Even more surprising is the people. You would think that it would be mainly women congratulating her but it has been a both sexes and all ages. The ones that have surprised me most have been the young men (young enough to be our sons) who have come up and told her that she gave an awesome performance.

Tonight Sarah was in a graduation ceremony from college for completing a printing and graphics program (this is after completing a masters in music quite a few years back). After the ceremony a young man came up to Sarah and said, "I didn't know YOU were graduating tonight and talked with her for a minute. As we walked off I asked, "who was that?" Laughing she said, "I haven't a clue." The people are always friendly and pleasant.

Sarah really is an amazing person. She is unbelievably creative. She is a gifted singer and musician. She can make just about anything. We quilt, she makes beautiful jewelry, she writes poetry, her talents have no end. She made a box kite for a friend's young son last week and he loved it. In addition to this, Sarah is one of the sweetest and most modest people I have ever known. All this packed in one person!!

It's interesting being married to a local celebrity!! Life is good..........

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