Friday, April 18, 2008

Loving Power

Immortal beloved, show us your path

Guiding us to the Flower of Life.

Eternal flower with roots driving deep,

Draws refreshing water from the

Boughs deep within Mother Earth.

Roots that gathering life’s essence

Nourishing the petals defining your existence.

Transforming the earth’s water saturated

With the nourishing essence of Love.

Eternal loving power, your being

Saturates the air which we breathe.

Your power giving breath is lovingly

carried away on the winds which warm

And caress the face of Mother Earth.

Immortal beloved, brazen our courage,

Filling my central being with your Loving power.

Ignite and restore our connecting roots

To join the searching roots of all

Women of this world to restore the

Balance and grandeur of Your Love.

All weekend, Eve talked about how New Orleans was the Vagina of America. The great Mississippi River whisks away all the bad environmental chemical and trash we scatter across our beautiful country. But also, the water which fill the mighty river nourishes us and give us life; it becomes our connecting roots, blind to all but the rich and diverse life which lives and thrives near the waters of the Mississippi. I have realized that this river of life, this root bulb of New Orleans is our connection to life, love and our souls which we must cherish and nourish not only for our country but more importantly, as a symbol of Women's ability to raise our children with love and affection everywhere. Where the water flowing down the Mighty Mississippi is connected to all of the water's of life around our small planet; touching and and nourishing Women of the world.

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