Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pre Op

Yesterday we went for a pre op appointment to begin Sarah's process for getting her breasts. We were both comfortable with the doctor Sarah found. All the insurance hurdles were cleared and she was scheduled for her pre op appointment on April 25. Neither of us slept very well the night before. She drove and I slept about half way down (it is about a 2 hour trip). She woke me up just as she was getting off the interstate and asked if that was the right exit. I agreed but I wasn't fully awake and it wasn't the correct exit. After getting thoroughly lost (I had fully awakened by now) Sarah made a phone call to the doctors office to get directions. We even managed to get more lost. She made a second phone call with me constantly interrupting to try to tell her she was giving the wrong street numbers.........actually I was the one that was wrong. We finally managed to get to the doctors office and we were even on time.

We saw the physician's assistant. She went over all the forms. Reviewed the procedure that the doctor had discussed previously and gave all the appropriate instructions. She was very friendly and helpful. We were in the doctors office and out in 30 minutes total.

I had made Sarah promise the day before we would not be in a hurry to get back home. I wanted a leisurely day. She had agreed. We usually have to hurry home after a doctor's appointment because of other commitments.

Sarah then had to do the hospital part of the pre op. It was about 11:30 a.m. but we decided to go on to the hospital and get all this over with. The lobby was full in the business registration area but the staff cleared out everyone amazingly fast. Then we were sent across the hall for lab work, EKG and the nurse. This was when we ran into the log jam. The lobby in this area was full and people appeared to know one another rather well. I don't even know how long we were in this area but it was a long time. Sarah finally had some blood drawn and we waited some more. The staff apologized profusely, gave out crackers and drinks to try to keep tempers down. Occasionally, people would be called to go somewhere else.

Finally Sarah's time came and we were called to go to the "great somewhere else." When we arrived in the next waiting room, there were ALL the people who had been called from the previous waiting room!! Everyone laughed when we walked in. We got to join in the laughter as others were occasionally brought in from the previous waiting room. Sarah finally had her EKG and we got called back to see a nurse (I actually hated to leave all the friends we had made in the lobby). This is where we found out the cause of log jam. The nurse was so slow and disorganized. She was also a real talker. We know her entire history including her oxygen level from night before when she had a sleep study (it was 70%). We finally got through with her and literally ran out of the hospital. We were starving.

We decided to go to the Olive Garden which was on the other side of town and it was rush hour. We got lost again. I shot my mouth off and almost got us killed in the traffic. We finally got in the Olive Garden and ordered our food which we inhaled.

We made a visit to one of the bookstores and headed home. I guess we got the leisurely day, unfortunately, it was spent in the 3 different lobbies in the hospital.

All in all, I know that it was a worthwhile day. Having breasts is something that Sarah has longed for. She was beginning to grow her breasts after starting hormones but unfortunately had breast cancer. She was scheduled for breast reconstruction after her mastectomy but that got derailed when she was referred to another plastic surgeon and the insurance threw a kink in things. Finally, she is on track!! Things are working out and the process has begun.

Almost all females look forward to the day their breasts begin to develop. I only had to wait until I was 10 years old. I cannot imagine having to wait more than 60 years!! Sarah has had to wait long enough.

Whatever your belief system, send prayers, healing energy, positive thoughts Sarah's way for good surgery and healing because she is on her way.

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