Friday, October 10, 2008

Families; who's included

My last post reminded me of a discussion Kay and I had on the way down to my last appointment with Dr. Mast. This appointment went very well, my next appointment is in two months and then we will determine when I will do the nipple reconstruct and the tattooing of the areola in another two months or so. It seems that the strap did its job and the Dr’s only instruction was for me to massage the implants to prevent scar tissue from forming around the implants and to continue apply the cocco butter to the scars. I’m sure, Kay will be more than happy to follow my doctor’s instructions for me. He was VERY happy with the results of the surgery and said they looked much better than he had anticipated.
Anyway Kay and I were talking about Southern Comfort and how much it seemed to be a religious experience for us. How amazing it can be when 850 people can get together and be an accepting family, not caring if or how you worshipped but letting us worship as we feel the need. How such a varied mix of members of a family can find ways to discuss issues without fear of rejection and anger that many of us receive in our own Church family. How our gathering is like a great big coffee hour after services when we all get to meet and greet and chat about what is important to us.
Why can’t our church leaders see and learn from the GLBT community in building accepting church communities? Why is it so difficult for some church leaders to listen to our spiritual needs and our important voices? If God judges what we do is not what he intended, then that is a judgment only God can make. God told man not to be make judgments of people but to accept them. To treat our neighbors as we wanted to be treated. And by the way some of us have been treated by our Christian brothers makes me wonder just how bad some people treat them selves; much less how they treat our GLBT family members.


Melissa said...

I am disapointd we did not meet at SCC!!! That would have been special. I am also an Episcopalian but I do not feel welcome at the church here in my new hometown so I am looking at Columbus itself. My old priest from WV is coming to vist me tommorrow and it will be good to see him and for him to see the real me. I wish you all the best. Hugs, Melissa Alexander

Two Auntees said...

Hi Melissa, We are sorry we didn't meet at SCC also. We, too, hit some bumps in our church when Sarah came out. Most of the congregation was fairly liberal and was okay but there was a small faction that really were mean spirited. The problems died down for a while. With a new priest coming to our church, they felt they saw an opportunity to raise their issues, espcially, with the bathroom issue. It got pretty ugly. They took their complaint to the vestry. The vestry basically said that they were not in the business of telling people which bathroom to use.....people should use the bathroom they felt comfortable using. The people who were raising such a fuss left. Things have actually been more peaceful since then.

Keep looking there is a church that needs you.