Friday, October 10, 2008

Trans Lessons Learned

It’s been a week since Kay and I went to Atlanta and Southern Comfort to Celebrate Life. I really wasn’t sure what I would see or hear at the conference, but my reasons for going were to learn how to be a better advocate for myself and for others. Just having some time to mull things over helps me put them into some sort of perspective. As it has been 4 years since my ‘coming out’ my reasons for attending So Co might be different than other sisters who are not living full time or are dedicated cross-dressers. For me it was to deepen my religious connections and find more ways to be a stronger example to the glbt community at home. So I attended seminars such as: “Transgender Spiritual Traditions”, “Two Nice Girls say the F Word: Trans and Feminism”, “Transition and Spirituality” and “Transgender Events as Community Builders” on Thursday. On Friday, Kay went to Jenny Boylan’s “Writing Transgender Memoir” while I heard Donna Rose discuss “Finding Balance in your T-ness” and then I heard Dr. Marci Bowers discuss her procedure for One-Stage GRS. WOW! Then again we went to hear Jenny give a reading and talk about her new book. She is such a down to earth person and funny; I hear that she is writing children's books. Saturday was spent learning ways to build community allies and working for justice. There was so much more to do but you only have time for so little.
The most awesome adventure for us was meet some wonderfully happy and courageous people, and being able to listen to each others stories. Now that was inspiring!! The whole extended weekend was a boost for Kay, Rebecca and I as we begin to promote the newly formed PFLAG group that we started in our area. We have been overwhelmed by the great response and support we have received. Creating a place of safety and support is paramount in letting people be them selves, without anyone trashing them for being who they are. We are excited about the possibilities and the future growth and support for all glbt people and our allies in our community.

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