Friday, October 31, 2008

Goblins and Monsters and Trans, Oh My!

Halloween Night, what a night to be yourself and no one give you a second glance, I remember so many Halloween night with some lame costume that didn’t hint at my other side, not even as a grown up. I do have a memory of a Halloween night long, long ago when my sister’s thought it would be great to put me in a dress a scarf and little slip-ons things; my one and only adventure cross-dressed. Aah, what memories, little did my sisters know that they turned on my gender switch that wonderful Halloween night so long ago?

I didn’t have much luck convincing my ex to let me dress up after we were married; I guess it was too close to reality. Oh, I did wear a costume when we took the children trick-or-treating but it couldn’t be anything that would embarrass the family. No nothing like that! And those last few year before the divorce, I was dressing whenever I could get a chance, so there was never a desire to go out to a party cross-dress; not when I was going out as Sarah, on a regular basis.

The first Halloween after my wife filed for divorce, I was living in an apartment complex and was practically living two lives at the time. Oh I had told the apartment manager what I was doing and it didn’t’ matter to them and asked to let them know if anyone gave me any problems, which was great for me to say the least. I was still my male self at work and for Church but any other time, I was Sarah. In the apartment across the hall were two young men and I suspected them to be gender variant but never saw them out and about. I could see my neighbor’s reaction whenever he saw me leave to go somewhere on the weekend as Sarah. People had to know something was different about me since I dressed gender neutral going to work and how different I dress going out. Sure I told a few of the residents and would hang out at the pool in the summer months as Sarah. Anyway on Halloween night that year, as I was leaving for the evening, which was rather late; I almost bumped into my neighbor who was really dressed; someone had taken a lot of time to doll her up for the evening. I barely had time to mention how nice ‘she’ looked before she ran down the stairs.

There are not any kids who go trick-or-treat down our street, mainly our house is on a very busy road and most of the houses belong to older folks; but if there ever were a number of children who come regular, I would most certainly dress up in costume again just to have a little fun myself on Halloween night.

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