Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Week

For a couple who are both retired, our weeks are not spent rocking on the back porch or doing a little gardening. Last Monday Kay had a doctor’s appointment in Gainesville, Fl. Tuesday started quiet with plans to getting together with some of the other women of the church to work on the quilt. Before we even started, we got a call that one of the women had a flat tire on I 75, we met her on the expressway, change the tire, decide we will work from her house; drive back to church get quilt items and lunch and spend rest of the day working on quilt, playing with dogs and children. That evening we had a meeting of the church women to finalize plans for our church fall festival; we notice the host Ms Lynn looks a little greenish yellow.

Wednesday, I go early in the morning to have car serviced, Kay and friend had taken Ms. Lynn to her doctor’s appointments, I meet with them and Kay at doctors building; we take Ms. Lynn to other appointments. We pick up older from school for her piano lesson, and take her home before Wednesday Church services; we meet others friends while they have supper, then go to Church. Thursday, Kay and I go back to Gainesville Fl., for my follow up appointment, learn that Ms Lynn has been admitted to hospital for surgery; get back in town to go to a presentation by the Grassroots Media Tour at a local eatery. Friday, we meet at the Church at 9:45 am and spend all day working on the quilt and watching an 11 month old and a three year old; quit around 4 pm because we are exhausted and the other woman had to leave earlier and get her son as he gets off the school bus.

But Saturday, we clean the house because we have invited three couples over for supper. What is so wonderful for our friends who are married, two have adopted younger boys and one has accepted an older child as a foster child, with the intent to adopt him, the younger couple and just getting to know each. What makes our friends so special is that in the four couples sitting at the table, one of the partners in each of the relationships is transgendered.

What a wonderful evening we had, four couples, three children, three dogs; all comfortable where they are or where they are going. It was wild, loud, lots of good laughter, great food and a good blueberry cobbler to end the evening. And I wouldn’t have spend the day it any other way; I might back off a little on the week before, but it’s just as important to care for others as it is to treat ourselves to life’s wonderful pleasures. Having good friends over for an evening of food and laughter; sharing time with loud and happy boys and dogs, trying desperately to avoid children.

This is not the typical week, but we don’t really mind the noise and dirty dishes when the evening’s over, not when we have shared great memories of screaming children and barking dogs running and chasing each other through out the house. That’s reason enough to be thankful there are so many in our lives.

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