Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jealous of a Trans Woman

I guess I have never experienced this kind of green jealousy or envy from another woman as I received today. Kay and I were enjoying a wonderful ice cream cone from the local Stone Cold Creamery. As we were licking our lips and just chatting, another middle aged couple walked in to enjoy some ice cream for themselves. Kay and I were sitting at one of the short table at the front of the ice cream shop and the woman had placed her order and was talking on the phone. Her husband was rather good looking be seemed the edgy type A personality, pacing back and forth waiting for his ice cream cone (sorry, not come). Because of the way I was sitting, he was in my line of sight and I kept watching his hunk pace as I was talking and joking with Kay. After the other woman got her ice cream she began to pace next to her husband and very deliberately she reached behind him and suddenly grabbed his ass while looking directly at me. I immediately thought that she was claiming her territory with him and that she wanted me to know that he was hers. Period!!

Ok, I have never had anyone express such jealousy towards me before; I guess she didn't see my ring. Or she did see my ring and still made sure I knew that he was her property. As we lelt, I really did think about what I was doing when I reached behind him to grab......... a few napkins (not for his ass). When we got to the car, Kay said that when I walked past her as we left she gave me such a look, as if she was ready to fight me, or worse. I have never had any woman react to me with such jealousy as that woman did. Alright, I liked the reaction I got out of her. Me, a trans woman trying to steal someones husband; I know now that other women see me as a woman, and a possible threat. I'll take that and run with it.

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:-D This is fabulous!