Saturday, October 24, 2009

Transition Timing

I have been following a sisters story of her journey to transition; she is retired, single and has a twin sister who is in the final stages with cancer. Her sister is in the capable hands of a hospice caregiver and she is spending the rest of her time among family. As Melissa struggles to find her way through these life changing transitions; her coming out, which takes a back seat to the passing of her sister. I am struck by the quality of love she is showing her sister and to her family. How ironic it seems as she struggles with discovering who she is, she knows in her heart that her family will lose both their brother and sister and must morn their loss equally. More importantly to hope that they will welcome Melissa with open arms, as they recognize how precious life as within their family.

My heart goes out to her as she finds her new place among her family as Melissa. I can only imagine the courage she will need to find deep within her soul and person to discern when would be a good time to tell her family about Melissa. I know how hard it was for me when I told my mother and my brother and sisters and it didn't help as they are scattered around the country and one can not count on the mail to be delivered simultaneously. But Melissa does have the support of a family that has chosen to accept her, to welcome her with open arms; her family of trans sisters around the world.


Shannon said...

It is times like these that strip away the petty and leave only the essential that Family can truly be found. My prayers go with Melissa and her family.

Melissa said...

Dear Auntees,

I wanted to email you, and tell you how sweet you have both been in expressing your empathy for my dear sister, who has now sadly passed on, and your sympathy for me and my family, but I couldn't fine a reference to an email address in your profile.

I do hope you see this, because your thoughts and prayers, meant so much to me. Thank you both, ever so much!

Melissa XXOO

Melissa said...

@ Shannon

Thank you so much, Shannon!

Melissa XXOO