Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jury Duty

Decision, final day. Reported back for jury duty today, and the judge asked if we would step outside and be back by 10am that he and the counselors had things to discuss. When we all reported back to the courtroom, the judge addressed us again; he said that they had settled all of the cases that were on the docket for the week. He wanted to thank us for stepping up and doing our duty for the county and that he expressed his appreciation for us being there Monday and today; that we were free to go.

Ok, I'm glad that I wasn't called out for final selection; but still I created so much stress for myself, just on the slightest chance that I would have been called. Would have had to identify my spouse as a female, suggesting that we happen to have a same-sex marriage when same-sex marriage are not recognized in the State of Georgia. I realize that I create a large amount of anxiety for myself just thinking what if? I will have to work on that during the next year. Lost two nights of sleep over nothing. Got to let more stuff slide.

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Two Auntees said...

It was more than two nights and lots of anxiety. When Sarah doesn't sleep, nobody sleeps.