Monday, October 5, 2009

Update-Trans Woman in the Courtroom

In one of my post from last month, is it October already? I mentioned that I had received a notice for jury duty. So I have been imagining various scenarios as to how the morning could proceed. I am assuming a lot since I have no idea if the question of my gender or the name of my wife will even be raised in the court room with the lawyers working the case. Since I am beginning this post Sunday evening, I assume that the case hasn’t been settled. The last time I was seated on a jury, I was elected Jury Foreman, because I tend to ask the first questions take charge; that probably won’t happen this time. But I plan to be there bright and early tomorrow morning, ready to do my duty. This evening I agonized for about an hour as to what I should wear, or could wear tomorrow in the court room. While I was shopping in my closet, I took the time to sort through some of the clothes that don’t fit me any more. I don know but I getting to be a big girl these days. Need to get back on my walking schedule. Will give more details after jury duty.

Just returned from my summons for jury duty; fortunately or unfortunately, I was not selected to sit for today’s trial. I am to report back this Wednesday same time for the Continuing Story of the Trans in the Court Room.

At today’s proceedings, the Court Clerk called from her two lists of potential jury members to make sure everyone was present and noted the people who did not show up. Then she called out the 36 names to be the jury pool, at which point the lawyer for the state asked her qualifying questions and then the Lawyer for the Defense asked his questions. At which point the Judge asked everyone to tell if they were retired or still working, where they lived, the name of their wives or husbands and if they worked or were retired. Uh Oh!! (Well my original questions were answered!). When everyone was satisfied with the jury pool, the Judge released everyone else about 11 am to return on Wednesday. Not sure how I will side step the wife's name question. I could just say my spouse's name is Kay Riggle, and is a retired nurse from the health department. The name is gender neutral afterall. Keep everyone posted!

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