Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Holiday Madness

Well Thanksgiving in under the belt and things are really beginning to spin out of control. On Black Friday, Kay had a doctors appointment, so we drove down to Gainesville, Fl so she could get her yearly mammogram done. I'm telling you these people are good, her appointment was for 3 pm, we arrived 15 min early to update her records, she was called back on time, and by 3:10 she was walking out the door. Mammogram done, the xray taken and read and she was given the green light that everything was good. All in 10 minutes, wow!

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Borders Book Store and a Bed and Bath, and were back home by 6:30. All that to say that we pretty much stayed out of the area malls; plenty of time to shop, done need the big stuff anyway right now, as we just bought a new car a few months ago.

This weekend, I am singing the "Messiah" with a community choir; and the following Saturday the 5th is the Symphony Concert and Sunday the 6th, our church does "Lesson & Carols". We have the Christmas Party with Kay's family on Dec. 12th, and we are hoping that my daughter and her fiance will go with us to Kay's family christmas party, and should have a blast. There is no telling what we will have to do between our holiday engagements but we know to be prepared for anything. We have made plans to have serve Christmas Dinner for a few friends while we enjoy the day together. Good friends are the family we choose!

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