Monday, November 9, 2009

What Did I Want This Morning

Last week was incredibly busy for us. We drove back from Atlanta on Monday after staying with my cousin while her daughter (my favorite person in the whole world) had surgery on her eye. We got back late that evening. The next couple of days were spent cleaning house and completing last minute things for the Fall Festival our church was having. I was the coordinator for it so I was a little nervous. We knew Sarah's daughter and her fiance were coming over for dinner on Thursday evening and we had friends who were going to stay with us over the weekend because they were going to a wedding.

On Wednesday afternoon, a friend called and needed a place to stay because a relative had died and he was coming to the funeral. We have plenty of room and this fellow is always a great guest so we told him to come on which he did. He got in around 11 p.m. and we stayed up talking until 2 a.m.!! I should have known better.

On Thursday we got ready for Sarah's daughter and her fiance. We had a WONDERFUL visit. Julie is an INCREDIBLE young woman and sooooo funny too. He fiance had made a delicious antipasta salad and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening with them. You know Jason loves her when looks at her. They are just fantastic.

Friday we went to the church to put the finishing touches on the Fall Festival. We worked our butts off. Saturday we were at the church before 8 a.m. to let the vendors get set up. It really was our best Fall Festival yet. We didn't get home until around 6 p.m. I was one tired puppy! I was in bed and asleep by 10 p.m. That is unheard of for this night owl. Up on Sunday to do the church thing. is Monday morning. I had planned a quiet relaxing day. Maybe working on the hedges in front of the house but NO. Sarah has discovered a hole in the little fish pond out back so off to the store she goes. She comes home with a LARGER fish pool and a different shape than the other one. Keep in mind while you read this that about 2 years ago she had problems with her back, had an MRI which showed a couple of ruptured discs and had to have injections in her back (this was in the hospital under anesthesia) to relieve the problem. So now Sarah is out there digging and moving the rocks around the fish pond around so I feel that I need to go help out to be sure she doesn't further injure herself.

My help always involves a couple of differences of opinions and constant warnings not to further injure herself because I will have to take care of her. She did need the help.

The fish pond is now in with only one of the fish not making the transition. Is this what I wanted on my post crazy week Monday. Nope, but it is what I got. Do I love Sarah any less. No, not at all. I love her all the more and guess what blogger friends. This Wednesday we will have been married 3 years.

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Two Auntees said...

Actually the pond frame WAS a little smaller, just deeper and a different shape. And the poor little goldfish had jumped out of the pond a few days ago, I thought some bird might have been fishing in the near empty plastic pond. We will try to recycle and create a garden with the old pond.
And yes, we do love each other more than the day we got married.

But sometime she can be so......