Friday, June 4, 2010

Chillin' and watching kids

Well it's Friday night and supper has been eaten, great roast by the dear wife. The house is in shambles as we are having some remodeling and repairs done on the house, new roof, paint job and having the floor made one level in our bedroom. We did have part of the room drop down one step and it was risky walking back and forth during the night, cause I couldn't turn on the light is I am afraid of tripping when we got older. So now the floor is one level. With the bedroom torn up and the furniture piled in the dining room area, the house is not a great place for children. None the less, we were asked to watch some good friends children 8, 5, and almost 4 year old child for two days. Not the best time to watch children with all the rotten boards with nails stack in the back year meant that the children could not go outside, too dangerous.

The first day we had the 3 children another friend asked to watch their children while she took her husband to a doctors appointment since he broke his toe, that was wednesday which meant that we had church that evening and with 5 children until 5:30 or so; it's OK we do not mind really, they are good children, but very inquisitive and persistent with the questions. Our only option was to let them watch public television as that is what their parents will only allow them to watch; have to be careful. We took some time and went to the park later in the day. And with two dogs and people coming and going in and out the back yard we would have to take them for walks for exercise and other. Should I say we are pooped! It takes a lot of energy to watch children when one is older.

So tonight we are just chillin' and I have painted the windows before they put the new flooring down; so that I wouldn't spill any paint on the new floor. We have just finished a game of bananagrams and Kay beat the pants off me tonight, maybe it's the homemade blackberry wine that I am drinking, but I have to say I drew some s**ty tiles and she won fair and square.

Hopefully they will be able to finish the new flooring in the bedroom and all the trim and then we can move all the stuff back.

That blackberry wine is good, sorry that I can't share it with you!!



Two Auntees said...

The blackberry wine was a little too good. I had to put Sarah to bed after she walked into a couple of walls!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a busy weekend. You have earned a rest!