Thursday, June 24, 2010

Telling our Stories.

Telling our stories

We need to tell our stories to as many people as we can, and so that is why we make ourselves available to speak to college classes. We have learned that meeting people face to face makes the story of glbt persons more personable. Letting them see what and who we are and how we live might de-mystify all the misconceptions the public believe.

This is why we take every opportunity to speak to groups, especially college classes as we did yesterday. We were asked to speak with a preparatory class, where the professor is taking the opportunity to expose her class to a wide variety of classes of people. For the most of the week she has been focusing on gender differences among the populace. We actually reconnected with one of the students in her class who we met two years ago at the Southern Conference Convention (SCC). She was with a college group visiting for the day and her college group sat with us for lunch on Saturday. One of the young men ask us to tell out story, so we spent the next hour eating and explaining our story. Very good memories.

Being able to tell how important people and personal connections as well as our spiritual life and how important the church has been to us enables us to express our similarities and our sameness with those in the class.

It is important to let others see just how normal we are as we go about our daily lives. Doing the things around the house that needs to be done, taking care of people, making ourselves available to those who need us.

Interesting enough, most of the question posed by the class were from the women, who seemed to be really interested in learning about how we live our lives.

Overall, the professor has really exposed her class to a wide spectrum of society.


SCG said...

Telling our stories and sharing who we are is what the PB calls "the incarnation" of the "other". And I think if we want our world to be different and reflect the values of inclusion, then we have to be willing to put ourselves out there to be seen. So happy y'all are doing that!!

Veronica said...

You two are doing a great service!

Anonymous said...

How inspiring you are. This sounds like a great thing to be able to do.
When I am out the other end of my transition I think I would like to do something like this.