Monday, June 7, 2010

Old Friends Renewed

Are there days when all seems good in your world?

Yesterday was one of those day for me. All of you know that I transition in the same town where I had lived for 9 years and before the divorce. I was exploring my options and limits as Sarah, shopping at the smaller dress and shoe stores in the area, thinking I blended into the population of women pretty well. As I shopped I talked with whomever would listen to my story and tale of woe, trying to live in two differently and opposite worlds of man and women. As I shopped I have discovered that I made a lot of friends who supported me and became my friends. As I and they moved on with their lives, I have encountered several old friends in new places and will speak and ask how things are doing. That kind of thing happened yesterday while we were shopping for some children we know and watch sometimes. The salesperson at this children's clothing shop recognized me and took a few minutes to check how I was doing. Now we calculated that it has been 7 or 8 years that she had gotten to know me at a womens clothing store. So we chatted and I filled her in on all that has happened in my life and introduced her to Kay.

Because it's a great shop for children's clothing at good prices and good quality, we will be back. I am so glad that she re-introducted herself and was able to catch up on lives. Next time I will ask how she is doing.


Anonymous said...

It really is nice to hear more positive stories from people. I am starting to believe that things are cganging for the better.
You also seem such a kind woman, shopping for other children.

Two Auntees said...

lisalisa, People who have taken the time to get to know Sarah really love her. When she and I first got together, we went out one evening with some people from my work. My co-worker always divided people into two groups: those who are sweet spirited and those who are mean spirited. She also had a really thick Southern accent. On Monday morning, she came into my office and said, "your Sarah is just the sweetest spirited person I have EVER known and anybody who is not nice to her is just MEAN spirited! She is right. Sarah is very sweet!