Monday, June 14, 2010

This ain't puppy love.

I am not sure how to deal with someone who seems to be smitten with me. I have a friend whom we have started taking her to church. She lives alone in a building separated into 4 apartments and she lives in one upstairs. The two downstairs apartments have 1 male tenant each and both appear to be about the same age as Kay and I. Our friend knows about our history, that we are married and is ok with it, one of the men who lives down stairs has lived a hard life and was homeless for a while but is now in a government program which help people with on disability and social security. It seems that this man has developed a crush on me and will talk freely with our friend. I believe he thinks we (Kay and I) are just friends and unattached because we come and go with our friend. She told us about the third week we picked her up for church that he likes the way I dress and look, I guess.

It has been quite hot down our ways and these two had made plans to walk to the grocery store to do their grocery shopping, our friends tells us their plans and Kay offers to take them to do their shopping. We pick them us late Saturday morning and drop them off of Walmart so they can get more for their money, we try to stay out of that store, but they are on a limited budget and this man gets in the car behind Kay and I am driving. We drop them off and tell them we have other errands to run and for them to give us a call when they are done. After we do 2 errands we get a call for them to be picked up and we go back to Walmart and load up their purchases. Well this man runs and practically jumps into the seat behind me, telling our friend to change places; she thinks it funny the way he is acting, but now I have him behind me watching me by the rearview mirror.

I know he is hoping but he really needs to be told that I am married to Kay and am a lesbian, I think its going to break his heart but I shouldn't keep this from him any longer.

Then yesterday I get a friend request thru facebook because he likes the way I look and wants to text back and forth. Not a chance so I declined his request and deleted him.

This is all new for me.
Life goes on, where we are.


Melissa said...

He can't help being attracted to you, but just because someone is attracted to you, that doesn't give them a ticket to your affections. The next time you see him, just tell him very nicely but firmly, that you find his attraction to you flattering, but you and Kay are a couple, and your affections are reserved for her, and her only.

Melissa XX

Two Auntees said...

Oh, Melissa that is so sweet. Thank you for your concern.

The person that Sarah got the friend request from is not the man with the crush on her that lives near our friend. It was another person. I don't the man who lives near our friend would ever approach Sarah or try to come on to her. I think it is one of those attractions from a far kind of thing.

However, if he becomes too forward, I will set him straight.