Thursday, February 2, 2012

Convention Begins

Today there wasn't much action around the convention center. We were able to set up the Integrity display this afternoon and got to meet old friends. Kay and I took a stroll on the river front this afternoon; beautiful autumn day with a lot of sun and hardly any clouds. This evening we went did a little shopping at J. Jill's outlet store. Very nice.

This evening we went to St Paul's Church for Evensong Service and the official start form the Convention. If you haven't seen this Church, it's huge and majestic. The Choir was totally awesome with the chanting and special music; but being accompanied by such a grand Pipe Organ added tremendously to the service. They did a great job tonight. Tomorrow everything starts at 0900 hrs; bright and early.

We finished the evening with a late supper at the Augsburg Haus German Restaurant in Evan, Ga. Great german food, very tasty and the Heffa Wissen beer was excellent.

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