Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spiritual Renewals

Spiritual Renewal comes to us in many forms. Confluence of happenstance also comes to us when we are least expecting it.

Saturday mornings Conference began with the delegates being led in song by our youth who just came from their lock-in the night before; all fired up I would say. For me standing as my total affirmed being in the room of youth exuberance and unified thought by the delegates flooded me and lifted my total being to a new height of spiritual awareness. Members of the youth delegation talked about their experience with the various youth programs about how their hearts were opened and their dedication for and with the Church of the future. I got a small taste of their shared christian experience and faith moved as I sat for two days as a delegate to our convention.

With Integrity's most visible presence as an exhibitor, I believe we made many friends. We provided the opportunity for those who have been hesitant to affirm support an outlet to speak publicly for members of their church who are gay or lesbian. We have hears whispers that some people have re-assed their thoughts and the ranks of supporters within our Diocese is growing. And that is most welcomed.

There were two different instances that came to my attention this weekend concerning trans women who are in the struggles of transition and their beginnings. One I might have direct input with and one is connected by military experience of which I will not say anything except for this. When I caught cross-dressed I was a class member of the Sergeant's Major Academy, from which I was quickly dismissed and eventually retired; honorable status thankfully. During which time I has to 'talk' with a psychologist who probable had no experience with GID and only told me to do 'Aversion Therapy'. This person is being treated with more respect and support by Mental Health Therapists during the time they are retired. That is a huge difference in how the military is treating transsexuals. We still can't serve but at least it seems that we are being treated with more compassion.

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