Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Day

What a difference a year and a new day can have on a person. Yesterday was the first full day of convention and I found myself being moved to tears of happiness and joy. My being a Lay Delegate for this convention was only by happenstance. The Delegates who were suppose to be her, had a family emergency at the last minute and wouldn't be able to fulfill their duties; since Kay and I were already registered with Integrity we were coming anyway and so the Church asked us to be the Delegates. It was Kay who suggested that I be the primary Delegate and she would be the Alternate.

Late last year events unfolded that allowed me to stand before the Bishop and Re-Affirm my Affirmation to the Church as Sarah; as me, a renewed and fully recognized member of my Church. A Baptized Woman first and Trans woman second; but a renewed member of the Body of Christ. And so I was a Seated Delegate with a recognized voice equal to every other Delegate seated in the Convention Hall. It is difficult to explain the power and Love that surrounded me yesterday as I sat among the other delegates at my table, both Clergy and Laity and in the Convention Hall. I was proud to sit at the table wearing my Believe Out Loud lapel pin and my Rainbow pin that proclaimed "Unity is Diversity". It didn't matter that the only Church business was to vote on Office vacancies, the Diocesan budget and a Proclamation to restructure and reframe how the Church should move forward proclaiming a new mission. I had a vote that would count. I was overcome by emotions of joy, cheeks covered by tears, of being connected again in full recognition that I, a trans woman, and member of the church was called to serve my Bishop.

I am so happy that the Diocese of Georgia has a Gentle and yet Strong Shepherd with Bishop Scott Benhase, who has refocused our direction of Ministry and Mission. How he has drawn the people with the skills of focused management in rebuilding church priorities with limited monies.

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