Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kay and I spent this past week at Disney World with the Grandkids and had a wonderful time. Spending time with this wonderfully family can't be bought, because we wouldn't have enough money; but because they are family we are very lucky to have them in our lives. We finally caught up with them at the Magic Kingdom in the early afternoon and after catching up with them in Tomorrow Land, Trinny finally saw BG and as always made a B-line for her big hug from both of us. After spending the day at the Park they left us as we looked around some more and stopped to see the light show on the Castle and the closing fireworks, which were Spectacular, and then drove back to the hotel and fell into bed exhausted.

The next day was spent at Epcot and while Kay went shopping with Trinny and her Mom, I went with the boys and Day to ride all the rides. If people could see what a great family this was they would be quite surprised. Epcot was where I acquired my Minnie Ears and got quite a few positive nods that I would wear them. We met together in the early afternoon for lunch and then took the tour of all the shows, like the Country Bear Jamboree., my favorite with "Big Al". And again the Kids had been very good but were tired so as they went back to the hotel, I managed to talk Kay into going back to the Japanese market to get something for my Kimono and look around. We left before the fireworks falling asleep before 10 pm.

Third Day, was spent at Animal Kingdom; lots of walking, and walking, and walking some more. By this time Kay, Trinny and her Mom went home early as the little one was very tired, so I hung with the guys and we took in more shows and sights.

This is the lucky picture I took of the mother lion as she sat on the rock when we took the Safari Tram through the Animal park. Them we took the train ride over to the research and Vet Hospital area. By this time it was getting late, so I was to take the boys back to the hotel. This parks directions signs are not very numerous and after getting lost more than once trying to get out we finally made our way to the bus; or so I thought. Again the signs are not very clear and so after walking out to the parking lot, I realized the bus stops were on the opposite side. With a very sore hip and in lots of pain we finally find the right bus stop after going the wrong direction again. Ugh hip pain is not fun people.

Our fourth day was spent at Hollywood Studio park and this is the picture us with the grandkids at the front of the park at the start of a grand day.

As you can tell we all had a great time, together. And I got to be a "Kid" again for a few days as you can see. I kind of like Star
Wars stuff and this was a great shot of me.

This was late in the day and Miss Trinny was getting fussy so I took her out of her stroller and we played tag and used the light pole for a drum and as you can see, we both played with this fire hydrant. Oh it can be so many things as we could imagined. It was fun for me and kept her happy and occupied until her brothers finished the ride on the "Tower of Terror" and we could go back to the hotel.

I would strongly suggest that if you are planning a family group visit to Disney World and everyone can't get there at the same time, do another park on the first day and then Everyone can go together through the Magic Kingdom together on the second day. And let the "Magic Begin" there, as the say!!!

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Halle said...

There are times that stay with you forever because of the magic they bring. A trip to Disney World with Grandkids!! Amazing.

Love all your photos, and yes the lion is one of those lucky ones isn't it.