Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Church and Crazy Christians.

I was able to catch a quick photo with Bishop Curry, before he was whisked back to the House to vote on the Same Gender Blessings.
A very powerful sermon preached at this mornings Eucharist at General Convention.  Bishop Curry had even the candles rockin'.  What a message for all of us in this Body of Christ; but it was a difficult decision this morning as the Rev Keaton was doing a Baptism in the fountain in the park across the hotel.  A difficult choice, but the music of St. Augustine's Episcopal Church's Steel Band Orchestra of Brooklyn was a very moving experience.  Tomorrows Eucharist should be powerful indeed.  And then there is the Integrity's Eucharist, Monday night which should be powerful in light of bills for Same Gender Blessings passed from the House of Bishops this afternoon.

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