Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thoughts after Integrity's Eucharist

It has taken some time for processing the bountiful gifts we received as we volunteered at the Integrity Booth from those who visited and shared their stories of pain and joy. So even though it is late these are my thoughts.
As it is early Tuesday morning, and for whatever reason I can't sleep; I am trying to put together some thoughts about what happened yesterday evening at the Integrity Eucharist.
Maybe it's the beer I had consumed at a late snack with people who have become wonderful friends, maybe it's the excitement of our Church passing the Same Gender Blessings.  Or maybe it's just that I can't settle down because I am so excited and wound up by the evenings events.  It's like I am inside a whirlpool of spiritual waters and wind being tumbled and tossed reaching for the coat tails of those who have gone before us and climbed higher in this cleansing wash.
I feel like I am in one of Rod Sterlings "Twilight" episodes of which I was so enthralled as a youngster.  One of those surreal, yet powerful spiritual happenings.  As Torch Bearers, Kay and I walked on each side of Bishop Mary Glasspool, following Bishop Gene Robinson; escorting them through the lines of Trans people and leading them to the Altar.  At the time for the Gospel reading, we again walked with Deacon Carolyn Woodall giving light and escort for the Gospel Book, followed by Bishop Glasspool sprinkling holy water as we snaked around the overflowing Sagamore ballroom; allowing the people to touch the Book, and again onto the Alter platform to stand behind Deacon Carolyn as she read the Gospel.
All my senses are jangled from being immersed in the Holy Spirit.  Maybe it was just sitting with all the other special VIP who were trans and their  partners in our reserved section.  The group of trans people who were acknowledged by Bishop Gene Robinson at the beginning of his ‘teaching’ sermon.  Maybe it was being asked to serve with the Rev.  Elizabeth Keaton as an Eucharist Minister during communion and being allowed to feed the Blood of Christ to members of the trans community. 
Kay and I continued to feed the Spirit of the Lord to so many who came to the Integrity Table during those 10 day of General Convention; talking and listening and offering hugs and prayers to so many hurting people.  We received more blessing than we gave away and that is not a bad thing.  But it is at the end of the ‘day’ and we must return home to continue to feed the masses who will come to the table.  

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Caroline said...

Such a joy to see the increased awareness and acceptance of us especially in places where it often seemed slow to happen.

Congratulations for being at the centre of it all.