Thursday, July 5, 2012

#gc77 What an amazing time it is for us (Kay and Sarah) here at General Convention; here we are standing with +Gene Robinson a short time after we view "Out of the Box," and His film, "Live Free or Die" both are very powerful videos that everyone must see.  We are a little bit 'wilted' as it was after 10pm and a full day for us at the Booth.  To see the movie for trans inclusion was a powerful testament of these courageous people forging their own path to acceptance and being stars shining bright on a hill top for all to see; a great example of courage and truth.  Bishop Christopher of Uganda was there and gave a powerful message of his work.  Wonderful person of God with a kind heart and wonderful sense of humor.

However strong that video is and the strength of each one of those personal examples are for the trans church; there is a greater number of trans people who have been, and still are; doing the work of telling our stories, of being 'out' and proud of who we are; who's light of truth shines from the hill top for our own communities and in out part of our church's reach.  We have accepted the role of being the face for trans community in our own way; some bad and a lot of good.  Everyone in the Diocese of Georgia has been exposed to us, be to by meeting with ECW, Integrity, our local Diocesan convention and trainings. Our involvement of one in any fashion will get to meet and interact with the other; as where one is invited they get a "twofer one' experience.  Mainly because we only have chosen to have one car.  And if we do 'a little traveling by wandering the country' we both go.

Our presence at the Integrity Booth has been nothing but humbling; exciting, encouraging and somewhat life changing for some who come to chat and take our buttons and get our free "hugs"; Gladly given and Gladly received.  I have seen our Bishop Benshase, Rev. Tar "d', Rev. Lonnie Lacy, Rev. Frank Lougue, and Molly Stevenson to name a few.  But I have also been in the shadow of Greatness of Bishop Barbara Harris, and Bishop Christopher of Uganda and have met face to face some wonderful facebook people we follow with their blogs.

Every evening we get together and do afteraction report of the day's activities which help greatly keeping us up to date.  Kay will set me up with a 'twitter account' tomorrow' which might help keep us up to date.

The first discussion concerning the Inclusions of Trans' will take place this afternoon at 2 pm, and I plan to take my video camera for some discussions that will take place.

That's all the news for today from the floor and booth of the General Convention 77. Peace y'all and good night!

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