Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Week

My season of Lent is drawing to a close with Holy Week's activities. In the past I have been involved with each Friday's Station's of the Cross and the services of Thursday through Easter Vigil Services and returning to do the 11 am service.
But this years Lenten season began with my church becoming a victim of misplaced indignation of my being trans and which bathroom I was to use. Knowing who was asking these questions and upon who head they were pushed to be brought before the Mission Council, I began to search my heart as to how I should respond. So, in the spirit of many saints and the example of Jesus, I went to them for two Sundays in a row to extend the Peace of our Lord; and not return hate for hate. I only heard more vicious words being spouted from their mouths in my Church. For anyone to stand in a Church of faithful members and choose to befriend some and reject others, simply because they might be different is the example of the people of Jerusalem as they rejected Christ.
If the Lenten seasons is to prepare and remind us of the Resurrection of Jesus and of his love to all Mankind; how much harder is it for someone to maintain hatred directed to someone and reject the principles of love, service and compassion which was the basis of the life of Jesus.
My only prayer as this Lenten season comes to a close, is that the Universal Love of Jesus Christ shines on every person, family member, friend or enemy.

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