Monday, March 31, 2008

We have finally come the end of the month of March, and what a month it has been. At the end of the second week, Kay and I took some pieces of jewelry that I had made and displayed them during the Azalea Festival for two days. Then for the last half of the month, Kay and I helped plan an anniversary party for a Couple who's devotion to St Barnabas is without equal. Over 100 friends and family member came to share this joyous event. While during the same two weeks, I was in rehearsal every night for the Vagina Monologues, and what an experience that was; to be a part of something so important as to make people aware of the violence that is happening to women and girls all over the world.
We are still recuperating from such a hectic two weeks, so we were at Cracker Barrel for lunch and was talking about how the young women in the Monologues have matured, and about our mother's and how strong on an influence they were on us. I have never realized what a strong influence my mother had on me. My fathers family is strong Catholics and my mother's was from a strong Baptist background, growing up in Arkansas. When it came to protecting her children, it didn't phase her to march into my Catholic school classroom and give the Nuns a piece of her mind, about their forcing me to write with my right hand instead of my left. She took control of her body, by having female surgery to prevent pregnancies (not sure what she had done) after her sixth child. She expressed her view about how could a single man (the priest) counsel her about her marriage. Her children got a good dose of good work ethics and moral character. Thank you Mother.

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