Friday, July 4, 2008

Celebrations and Ceremonies


Soldier’s parade marching in step

Bands play music timed with steady beat

Precision oozing from every pore

Established military sequence to be followed

National colors placed in center of troops

Military honors given, heads bare

Hands over heart, Lyrics recited

Old Soldiers stand, eyes filled with tearful

Memories of bygone years

Chest full of fading ribbons

Metals for campaigns won

Remembering company buddies

Fallen comrades left on the battlefield

Ceremonies conclude with “Pass-in-Review”

The band leads the marching troops

To their respective place

Found before the Retiring Soldier

Marches played to the Troops in passing

Finishes the final salute

Leaving with the “Army Song”

As they march into the rising mist

SJ Riggle

January 31, 2002

Today is a day of ceremonies and remembrance of our counties struggle to be free. As a Viet-nam era veteran, and with 20 some years connected with the military community, how I remember well all those July 4ths of years past of parties, and fireworks and concerts played on the parade fields.

But as with Veterans Day and Memorial Day let us look our veterans in the eye's and tell them thanks for a job well done. Sit with them to hear their stories of their glories and heartbreak for fallen friends. This is our Independence Day but the celebration and ceremonies rests of the shoulders of military veterans. Well Done, Band of Brothers, Well done.

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