Monday, July 21, 2008

Progress with Breast

Had my fifth expansion last Friday morning and the total amount of saline injected is 440 cc; it has taken a few days for the discomfort (slight) to show up. I realize that I can ‘feel’ how the breast lays on my chest when I breathe. Also, I can feel the increased size of the breast or expander within my armpit, as it were. I am finally realizing and visualizing the final shape that my breast should take, which is much better than I have ever imagined them to be.

Happily, they are something to deal with at night as I try desperately to settle into a comfortable position. With the new breast and my greater propensity for hot flashes it’s not easy to find a good sleeping position; I usually sleep on my left side because I find I am more restless when I am on my back. So, I am always turning this way and that all night.

It’s has been over 9 weeks since I had the first surgery; having been told it could be 6 to 10 weeks of expansion appointments. My next appointment will be with the PA and Dr. Mast to determine when to proceed with the final replacement surgery. We’ll just have to be patient for what comes next…..

I am looking lovingly to when I can try on the more daring bras and sun dresses.

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