Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some People

Some people absolutely baffle me. Tonight we hosted a meeting in our home. One of the women is a very disagreeable and critical sort. She had fussed at the kids during dinner. After dinner, while we were talking, she began a discussion about Bp. Gene Robinson. She stated that 1300 bishops had signed some kind of letter opposing him at Lambeth. And then she made a comment about his being gay and living with his partner. That's when I corrected her and told her he was now married. "She almost had a "conniption fit." She said that was not possible. I assured her it was possible in New Hampshire. Thank God, one of the other women abruptly changed the subject.

Did she miss the fact that the 2 women in whose home she was a guest is in a transgender relationship?? Did she not see that we present as a lesbian couple? Surely, she did not miss the gossip when we were legally married.

I think this situation may illustrate some of the problems we face in society. In a nutshell, it simply has to do with good old fashioned manners. Now that I have this off my chest, maybe I can go to sleep.

Good night to all.

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