Sunday, June 29, 2008

Transgender persons and Bathroom Privileges

I have been reading the testimony given before the Congressional committee this past week and was wondering why is the opposition’s only argument concerning transgender persons to be the problems of bathroom use.

So, what do natal women do in the bathroom that is different than what men do in their’s? Do women try and look between the cracks of the closed doors to see who is in a stall before they select theirs? Do women look over the tops of the partitions to talk to their friends? Just what do women do in the bathroom that men don’t? Do you think that a transgender person who uses the women’s room stands facing the toilet when they pee? No, we sit and pee just like other women do.

Why is it that women use the bathroom in groups when they are out with their husbands or their group of friends? Don’t you mothers take your children to the restroom when they have to go? Aren’t there groups of mothers watching what children do when they use the bathroom? The bathroom that is in a public place should be the last place you would find a ‘man’ who might be trying to molest someone’s child. He wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting out of the bathroom in one piece with a child’s mother with them or outside the door, waiting for them to finish their business.

And another thing; you women don’t keep your bathroom any cleaner than the men do, and what is the problem with you wiping off the seat when you refuse to sit down on the toilet trying to hover while peeing; at least men have better aim even when the toilet seat is down. Why can you wipe up after yourselves? I just don’t understand. And why is there so much toilet paper on the floor? Do you cover the floor with the toilet paper so you won’t have to walk on the dirty floor; is that why there is very little toilet paper left on the roll to actually use when you finish? I just don’t understand. And the cleanliness of men’s bathroom isn’t any better; actually there are more wads of paper stuck to the walls and ceiling than in the women’s; and a lot of toilet paper can be found on the floor in the men’s room. And what’s with all the notes and messages and phone numbers left on the stall wall and doors by those seeking a ‘good time’? I just don’t understand. What do women do in the restroom that men don’t? I would really like to know.

Since I am a pre-operative transwomen; one place I would never even think about or try and go would be a women’s locker room. I am as concerned about privacy as any natal women and I would never force myself into that situation. Trying to find a place to change when I’m at the beach is bad enough; using the small stalls that is available at public beaches is bad enough for me. So I would never, ever try to use a women’s locker room as a pre-operative transwomen.

When I have to use the restroom, I find the cleanest stall with at least half a roll of toilet paper, sit down and do my business then readjust my clothing and flush. I clean the seat if should happen to get wet. I then exit the stall, wash my hands and refresh my lipstick and leave. That’s what I do when I have to use the bathroom. I may engage is small talk with someone I might recognize. What do natal women do different in the bathroom than what I do? I would really like to know. Can anyone tell me? Please?

I think it's time to make all bathrooms available to either sex or make then all single use bathrooms. Why is it that bathrooms in European countries are used by both sexes but we can't move forward on this! Should we thank Queen Victoria for our shame about our bodies; we need to take off our tight panties and move on. I would really like to know!!

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Liv said...

Lovely post. It's amazing that we've gone backwards on bathrooms. Romans sat side by side with one another in both sexes....